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About Us

About Our Leashes

Learn to Lead Leashes are designed with a slip-collar style end that fits over your dogs head. Our leash is an all-in-one lead. Simply place the loop slip end around your dogs neck and slide the leather keeper to the back of the neck securely.  To use the power loop,make the slip lead larger than you normally would. Put it over your dogs head. While holding the loop at the back of the neck between the ears, make a figure 8 with the front of the loop and position it evenly around your dogs muzzle. Please see video for demonstration.



About Cheri

Through workshops, private consultations, and public speaking engagements, Lucas has become an internationally recognized canine behavior specialist and speaker, spreading a message of hope to dog owners struggling with behavior issues from fear and aggression to fixation and separation anxiety. Her methods are unique and effective, encouraging dog owners to unleash their inner leadership abilities. 

Cheri’s life-long mission has always been rescuing dogs in need. At the Second Chance Ranch, she has saved the lives of more than 5,000 dogs since 1994, when she founded Second Chance at Love Humane Society, a no-kill shelter where Lucas gives “hopeless” dogs and their owners results-oriented guidance that ensures a harmonious relationship with their canine companions. In 2013, Cheri was awarded San Luis Obispo’s “Woman of the Year” for excellence in her dog rescue and rehabilitation work.

Proving her natural ability for understanding dog behavior almost two decades ago, Lucas is now a living example of the healing power that proper dog leadership provides, and has made numerous appearances on television programs, including National Geographic’s, Dog Whisperer, VOX Network Germany’s Up and Away, the Spanish-language show El Líder de la Manada, and National Geographic Wild’s Leader of the Pack and Cesar’s Recruit Asia, where she served as the creative consultant and dog behaviorist/trainer.  

In the years since working with Cesar Millan and developing curriculums for the Dog Psychology Center, Cheri has gone on to incorporate many different techniques and schools of thought into her work as a trainer and rehabilitator, developing a gentler, intuitive method that is uniquely her own. She now runs Learn to Lead workshops and Train the Trainer Mentorship Programs at her 20-acre ranch in San Luis Obispo County. Lucas also teaches “women only” workshops called Wellness Unleashed, in which Lucas encourages women how to build confidence and assertiveness in all areas of their lives, not just with their dogs. Cheri believes that our dogs’ behavior reflects our own, and a confident owner creates a relaxed, secure, confident dog.  

Her mission in life is to teach the world that last chance dogs can become ideal companion animals, as long as humans take responsibility for giving them love, leadership and direction.