How are Learn to Lead Leashes made? 

Learn to Lead Leashes are made of strong, double braided rope, similar to climbing rope.


How do Learn to Lead Leashes work?

1. Learn to Lead Leashes are designed with a slip-collar style end that fits over yourdogs head. Our leash is an all-in-one lead. Simply place the loop slip end around your dogs neck and slide the leather keeper to the back of the neck securely.

2. To use the power loop,make the slip lead larger than you normally would. Put it over your dogs head. While holding the loop at the back of the neck between the ears, make a figure 8 with the front of the loop and position it evenly around your dogs muzzle. Please see video for demonstration.


Is there a  video of how the leashes work?

Yes you can follow step by step video Cheri has made to show you how to put the Learn to Lead Leashed on your pet. You can also look under product description.


Should I purchase the 42or 66Learn to Lead Leash?  

If youd like better control of your dog on walks, purchase the 66leash. This will give you the extra length you need to create the figure 8 power loop.” If you want to use the leash as a simple slip lead, the 42leash may be a better choice.


My dog typically pulls and chokes with the leash Im currently using. How is the Learn to Lead Leash different?  

The beauty of the Learn to Lead Leash when using the power loop,is that the figure 8 actually crisscrosses under the chin of the dog, avoiding the throat entirely. Controlling the head of your dog with this technique is similar to that of a bridle on a horse.


How do I clean my Learn to Lead Leash?

Learn to Lead Leashes are machine washable. Please hang to dry out of direct sunlight.


What is your Shipping Policy?

Please look on our Shipping Policy page 


What is your Refund Policy?

Please look on our Refund policy page