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66" Leash "The Natasha"
66" Leash "The Natasha"
66" Leash "The Natasha"
66" Leash "The Natasha"
66" Leash "The Natasha"

66" Leash "The Natasha"

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"The Natasha" was named after my beloved Husky who lived to be almost 17 years old. She was the queen of my pack. Her beautiful blue eyes remind me of this great combination of Aquamarine and Teal!

Learn to Lead Leashes are custom made of double braided, high quality rope. Their strong inner core and woven outer sheath make them strong and durable. This 66" leash comes with a safety back-up for extra security.

Learn to Lead Leashes were designed to help you gain better control of your dogs on a walk. When you twist the slip lead into a figure 8 and adjust it over your dog’s muzzle, it will have a similar effect to a bridle on a horse. This “power loop” will help your dog achieve a “chilled out” state of mind, allowing you to gain greater control on your walks. Clip the backup to your dog’s flat collar for additional security.

We recommend the 66” leash if you’re planning on using the figure 8, as this will give you the added length needed to create the power loop. 

Learn to Lead Leashes can also be used as a simple slip lead. Simply place the loop slip end around you dog’s neck and position the leather keeper to the back of the neck, securely but not too tight.

If you’re using the leash as a basic slip lead, you may use either the 66” or the 42” length. It’s a matter of preference!


  • Smooth and Snag-free Braided Rope
  • Latigo Leather Stopper
  • Heavy-duty Nickel Plated Silver
  • Strong Rope Termination
  • Safety Back-up
  • 66 inch Lengths (42" in black only)
  • 8 colors: Black, Burgundy, Teal, Aquamarine, Pink, Tangerine, Purple, The Natasha (teal/aquamarine blend)
  • Machine Washable, Hang to Dry

*please note, hardware may appear different in photo